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Prohibition ruined everything.


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Appealing to pallets from 100 years ago.

Prohibition destroyed more than the American alcohol industry. It decimated immigrant communities that developed around tap houses and local establishments. As a result, many of the beer and lager styles were lost to time after prohibition was repealed and tastes had changed. So how do you bring those flavors back to the pallets of modern American? Build the modern version of that community center and feature the classic brews that defined the world's most eclectic melting pot.

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It was never supposed to be this way.

We built a brand research phase around exploring the past to better understand the culture of post-prohibition America. It wouldn't be enough to simply transport these beers from the past, we had to envision what the world could have been without the disruptive influence of Prohibition. It wasn't about the beer. It was about the community.

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Reinvigorating old traditions and building a new community.

Sawstone Brewing Co.'s list of flagship beers now includes 4 styles, augmented by a host of other more modern beers. The brewery and tap house has become a buzzing fixture of the local community with word of its iconic flavors stretching beyond the city limits of its hometown to the edges of the state and beyond.

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