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The legacy of a house is the home inside.


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Gold ADDY //  American Advertising Awards (Lexington)

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A home is more than a house.

It’s the largest investment many families will ever make: purchasing a house. Whether it’s their first or their fifth, the experience is as exciting as it is stressful. Can we afford it? Are the schools good? Is the location right? What about the commute? Who are my neighbors?

Legacy Real Estate is a boutique agency committed to not only easing the stress of buying and selling a house, but providing an experience tantamount to luxury. While most of their properties are listed for less than $1,000,000, they give each of their clients a real estate experience typically afforded to the most affluent of buyers and sellers.

For over a decade, the firm had organically developed an experience driven brand. But now, Legacy Real Estate needed to enshrine its values and hospitality with a new visual identity and brand strategy.

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Exclusivity isn't luxurious. Empathy is.

The appeal of a boutique real estate firm is the access to personalized attention. A good real estate agent will get to know her clients, anticipate their needs and desires, and deliver on every touchpoint. She is the advisor/expert counselor, chauffeur, and concierge.

She understands the significance of buying a home. It's about more than houses. It's about making a commitment to building the home inside. To that end, we rewrote the narrative on how to represent a real estate agency. Legacy wasn't buying and selling houses, it was helping its clients envision their family's future.

In order to reorient perspectives, all marketing photography is captured at a wide angle to reveal house interiors, but prominently feature the families that make a house a home. Messaging prioritizes the use of "home" over "house." And the visual language exudes both warmth and sophistication... an empathetic approach to luxury.

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Every moment matters when it's about a home.

The balance of luxury and approachability is expressed through the logo — the floral shield, modeled after the firm's original logo. It’s an expression of warmth and class, strength and refinement. Because of the real estate firm's longtime relationship with clients (in many cases, over a decade), retaining a link to the past was critical.

Legacy Real Estate’s brand honors a legacy, not a transaction. For them, it’s not about the house. Instead, every moment is curated for the home inside.

The brand collateral is strategic. It accounts for every aspect of the experience and acknowledges the significance of the investment. A curated housewarming box with essentials (and some celebratory perks) is left in each new home to welcome the clients when they enter for the first time after signing. It's a little something extra that builds the relationship, keeping Legacy Real Estate salient in the memories of its clients. As a result, Legacy Real Estate agents who help people find their first home, often help them find their second, and third, and beyond.

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