1: Gold is Rare

Out of over 200 entries, only 26 received Gold ADDYs. Marrow’s creative team came away with 2 of those Golds plus 2 “Best of the Best” awards.

2: A School District Reimagined

One of those Golds was in the Public Service Brand Elements category for the Jessamine County Schools Identities... a months-long branding project that culminated in a visual identity system for 15 schools and their district.

3: Transformation By Design

The second Gold was awarded in the Package Campaign category for the Transformation Spirit Gin Bottles. Fresh, clean, and sophisticated. We can assure you the gin is every bit as tasty as the bottles are beautiful.

4: Public Service Excellence

Why we do what we do matters. In addition to being gilded for our work with Jessamine County Schools, we were also recognized with the Public Service Excellence award.

I’m gonna break away from the self-aggrandizing bullshit for a moment to applaud what this public school district accomplished. These projects are rare. The scope is massive and the cultural implications immense. With so many stakeholders, it takes more than vision to commit to this kind of change. It takes heart and courage. You’ll find no shortness of either in Jessamine County.

5: Best Design

Arguably the second most coveted award behind “Best of Show” is the Best Design award. And if you wanna see it, you’ll have to stop by Marrow… cause it’s in the trophy case. Our creative team’s work is the result of close collaboration with Stuart Stein and Tara Ogden, the distillers behind what may be Kentucky’s best artisanal gin. (And keep your eye open, because Transformation Spirits has another beautiful/delicious project on deck for later this year.)

6: Marrow Over Everything

Some brand sponsorships are so serendipitous it’d be criminal to ignore them, which is why Marrow was the Red Carpet sponsor at the 2019 ADDYs. We were literally the backdrop for advertising’s biggest night, and its most professional photobomber.

7: Credits Include...

We’d be remiss not to acknowledge the contributions of Tanner Chaney (graphic designer) and Tina Fizer (account executive) to both of these award winning projects. Good colleagues. Good clients. Good job.