You can feel it, can’t you? 

Rising up like a wave—the electric, intoxicating embrace of what could be. You only have to build the bridge between today and tomorrow.

You change things. You don’t simply see problems, you seek them. You take responsibility for improving the world because—quite frankly—it’s a work in progress and you’re authoring the future.

You’re endowed with visionary capital: the capacity to get ahead of the culture, to anticipate what’s next. You keep your head up because the bottom line isn’t below you… it’s above. 

And you'll always take the risk. Not because you’re reckless, but because risk is the antecedent to growth. Because where others see costs, you see the currency of opportunity.

Your purpose?
Make. Things. Better.

Dissatisfaction is in your nature, but you can't fight what you are. Instead, you catalyze it with optimism and redefine possible.

That’s your marrow. It’s your strength—your vitality. You live in the unending pursuit of better. You give a damn or die.