Visual Identity Print


SACAC Business Cards

The Client

The Southern Association for College Admission Counseling (SACAC) is a regional association that serves professionals who work with college-bound high school students in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the Caribbean. Membership is comprised of guidance counselors, independent counselors, admission professionals and community based organizations.

SACAC Letterhead

The Project

SACAC had used a badly pixelated washed out logo for years. While counselors had become familiar with it, it stood in contrast to the vitality of its membership. The association needed something clean and contemporary to reflect their ideals of access and inclusiveness while paying homage to the organization’s unique location in the South. The last piece? Incorporating a legacy icon from their original identity, the sun.

SACAC Brochure

Sunsets & Rolling Hills

Inspired by the geography of the South and its resplendent sunsets, we created a mark using only circles to convey the organization’s inclusiveness. 14 circles create the mark which represents the 14 member states and territories that comprising SACAC’s membership. The typography is built using Gotham Rounded, a distinct and inviting san serif that compliments the circular motif.


Debuting at the annual SACAC Convention, the mark unanimously was adopted by the membership. Shortly after, it was deployed across a range of media including a stationery suite, new website, membership brochures, branded promotional items, and conference collateral.