Web Visual Identity


Sillyfat Branding & Web Design

The Client

Sillyfat is a handcrafted women's clothing maker in Lexington, Kentucky. They create numerous high-quality dresses, bottoms, tops, and lingerie all named after women close to Sillyfat's founder. Each article of clothing made is special ordered for size, fabric type, and many items have an option for more than one fabric option. The website user needed the ability to choose these options on-site.

Sillyfat Branding & Web Design

Research & Discovery

Many clothing manufacturers have eCommerce platforms that prohibit the products from being the focal point. They tend to leave users with a cluttered look and an equally unpleasant user experience. We needed to create a website that used product imagery to enhance sales and user experience.

Sillyfat Branding & Web Design


We created a website concept containing equal parts negative space and imagery. Custom photography was used throughout the site, shot by Sillyfat's founder.

The Results

The end product was a website built using Shopify. It consisted of 18 products, all with the ability for users to create custom, handcrafted clothing. As of today, the website reaches upwards of a thousand visitors every day.