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Price-Coomer Business Card Design

The Client

Price-Coomer, a member of Allied Van Lines, is a commercial and residential moving company with the capacity to move items both locally and internationally. Their focus is on local businesses, students, and residential relocation services. They needed a new logo and a sleek website that reflected their ideals and capabilities as well as their growth throughout their tenure in the relocation industry.

Price-Coomer Web Design

The Research

Logistics companies sometimes lack imagery that's relative to a user's needs. We needed to use high-quality images that conveyed trust, logistical expertise, and a comforting feel. During the concept phase, we thought the logo's mark (the wings) would be great stitched throughout the header and footer images.

Price-Coomer Web Design

The Concept

The site's color palette needed to match the bold hues in Price-Coomer's logo, and the logo itself needed to be deployed consistently throughout. We created a navigation focused on the user - one that would funnel customers to the essential pages of the website like the contact page and professional service areas.

The Result

The website's load times are extremely fast, the design far superior than the typical moving company, and the imagery is second to none. Most importantly, the website provides a satisfying experience for the end user who's seeking a professional moving company.