Kentucky Educational Television

2014 - 2015
KET Web Design

Delivering the Design

The Senior Director or Marketing and Online Content at Kentucky Educational Television, Tim Bischoff, was moving the KET web presence to a modern toolkit. It had to work on mobile and still deliver the substantial value of years of content creation that comprised the KET website. After working with another vendor for several years, the client had already chosen a WordPress approach and were well on their way on the design. But after many missed deadlines, Tim sought us out to deliver his vision. We worked hand-in-hand with his content team for months to build the new part, and integrate it with the old. KET now has a modern, friendly, effective website, built to work well with new and old technologies so they can connect with their entire audience.

KET Web Design

Custom Everything

The client had high expectations for interaction, and a very refined palette for presentation. That drove us forward as we built entirely custom interactions for different audiences and different use cases.  Integrating data about scheduling and shows from an array of internal systems that predated this project proved to be very challenging. (We ended up building an entirely new API in one case to do so). Then we wrapped that all up in a custom WordPress theme designed to make the job of KET's content editors simpler, providing visual interest, control, and consistency.

KET Web Design

Legacy Content

KET was an early adopter of web technologies. They had been building and sharing web content for 20 years by the time this project began. That’s an incredibly valuable investment, so we wanted to keep as much intact as possible. We began with an automated assessment of their existing web content (we ‘spidered' their hundreds of thousands of pages) and used that data to figure out how to persist this older content during the implementation of the new WordPress system. We built a server to stand in front of the new and legacy websites, which made them look like they were one server with legacy URLs. As a safeguard, we built a trap door into WordPress to look on the legacy server for content if it couldn’t be found. 

Delivered at Scale

KET websites get a lot of traffic, and we needed to make the transition to the new system with as little interruption as possible. A key part of accomplishing that fundamental business goal was making the right technology choices early. We moved their servers from internal hosting to an external cloud service provider with more capacity, redundancy, and bandwidth. We broke out the data servers to balance the load better, built in caches to store API data for behind-the-scenes communication with the legacy TV scheduling systems, and made sure that the users had a smooth, fast, professional web experience.