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Kelley J

Kelley J Hair & Makeup Business Card Design

The Project

Kelley J wanted a visual identity that embodied the essence of her work and her brand. Her roster of clients includes sports figures and high profile names like Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi, and Clay Walker. But her web presence was scant at best. She needed to be a platform to attract new clients by demonstrating her professional services.

Kelley J Hair & Makeup Web Design

Brand Discovery

A competitor analysis revealed an industry logo trend in which hair and makeup artists focus exclusively on the hair aspect of the profession. We had an opportunity to visualize Kelley's brand as something different and superior, illustrating both her professional hair and exquisite makeup services.

Kelley J Hair & Makeup Web Design


We designed different brand concepts and presented the ideology of blocky typefaces to create and convey solidity. We used Gotham as the typeface of choice. That, coupled with the use of shears and the makeup brush tip, finished out the mark.

The Results

We designed a fully-responsive website, and addressing creative brief's objective to provide a simplified experience. Not only does the website use a contemporary layout, it informs users of on-site information with the aid of punchy colors, consistent negative space, block-style headings, and fast load times.