Technology Decisions are Experience Decisions

Your Brand is Experienced Through Your Technology

Technology gives you the tools to put an experience in front of your customers (internal or external) and allows them to help you achieve some sort of business goal. What that goal is, how your customers help, what they get out of it, what elements cause friction or provide leverage, all directly impact your business goal. If you can't talk about your project in terms of that goal then you're probably just throwing good consulting hours after bad.

Web Technology & User Experience Decisions
Web Technology & User Experience Decisions

Branding is About Connection

Revolutions in the way we connect with each other underlie most of the great leaps forward in both society and business. New technologies drive those connections to be faster, simpler, cheaper. The act of connecting, the choice to engage with your brand and your business, to use commerce, or even to share a link with friends, is reflective of the relationship you have with your customers. And if you do it right, technology can help you make that relationship stronger, better, and more productive for both you and your customers.

Technical Details Vary, Our Approach Doesn't

There are lots of different languages, frameworks and toolkits available today — we know because we've worked with many of them. Their technical elements vary, their levels of integration (both internally and externally) can be robust or wanting, their extendability can be direct or obscure. Ultimately, though, it is not the technology itself that matters. It's the way people experience that technology. Our focus on the user's experience at the end of the technology stack, and how that drives your marketing and business goals doesn't change.

Anytime, Anywhere

Businesses and brands are becoming more aware that they have to be responsive to their customers, and that naturally leads them into new technologies. The web was just the first step on this road. Websites give your customers the resources they need at their convenience. Mobile apps are just another step. The best apps leverage robust, fast, native UIs with website connectivity to build experiences your users will want to share. Ultimately, all of these pieces should work together to deliver the technical infrastructure to achieve your marketing and business goals. If you're adding a new page or section to your website, creating a new website, building a web application, or constructing a mobile app: delivering technology should deliver on that goal.

Everything else is just coding in the wind.

If you share this perspective and would like to get our help developing technologies to enable your business please contact us at your convenience.