Rebranding the Right Way for the Right Reasons

Ask Yourself & Your Team Why

Trends, users, clients, and customers all play a significant role in the development and publication of a new logo for every company. If your community isn’t connecting with a particular logo, you should determine why. Finding out why a mark needs redesigned is an aha moment that requires some honest questions followed almost immediately by even more honest answers and factual data.

NASA's Old vs New Visual Identity
GAP's Visual Identity Failure

Brand Discovery & Getting the Facts First

To discover the foundational “why” answer, we need to ask two questions to which most companies don’t have an answer or don’t know how to answer:

1. Is there a need for the logo redesign?
2. What are the goals of the logo redesign?

If we asked the answer to 2 + 2, everybody would have a definitive, immediate answer. However, these are uneasy questions, and what’s far more difficult is getting the data that allows for an answer in the first place.

Highly ephemeral, these questions are answered through our Brand Discovery phase. This initial step of almost all our work strikes truth in the hearts of clients and informs both sides of the table where your customers are, who they are, what they’re doing, and why they’re coming to your company to do it.

In short, we make a very subjective project exponentially more objective and focused on who the brand is truly for - the customer. Only after this step can we legitimately analyze the data to move forward with the successful redesign of a visual identity.

Value vs. Risk

We’re all familiar with risk. We’ve said to ourselves, “If we do this, this COULD happen.” or “If we do this incorrectly, this WILL happen.” These are two different ways to appropriate a more logical end to an unknown situation. A Marketing Director may ask themselves these questions daily, even for the most mundane of tasks, because they know their decisions directly affect their company as well as their department’s budget.

Things really get interesting when they’re tasked with redesigning a corporate identity logo that realigns with their customers' needs and viewpoints. The redesign, if done correctly, this creates a strengthened foundation for the brand to live and flourish in the coming years because customers understand and relate to it - no small task.

If done incorrectly and without the proper brand strategies in place, everything from the brand up could fall into disarray; a dark place where messaging is off, brand awareness falls, and customers are lost because the new logo doesn’t relate to them personally, culturally, or visually.

The value generated by doing the redesign the right way grants the company a unique insight into themselves as well as their customers. They have the research to back up the assertion that they’re doing the right thing, and overall risk is reduced substantially.