Coming Together

Web + Technology + Design

Ron had a technology company. Tim had a web design company. Adam was an Art Director. We all worked together on some projects, and like chocolate and peanut butter, it was magical. Marrow’s business technology services were born out of this coalescence. And we couldn’t be more excited about growing to serve you better.

The high bar

We Give a Damn.

That’s a high bar, but what does that really mean for technology and web consulting?

It's more than just specs, databases, and features. We believe technology decisions are business decisions. We build tech to deliver the experience you want for your customers in a way that's maintainable for your business, at a scale that's right for you.

Tailored Apps & Sites

We craft sites of all sizes. From small business-card sites to grand multi-departmental organizations. We build them with care and focus of how they deliver value through content, experience, and usability. 

We build apps that achieve. Web apps and mobile apps are table-stakes for business today. Our apps provide features and workflows wherever your business takes you.

Whole Solutions

We architect whole solutions. The big picture only comes together when each technical layer is aligned with the vision you have for your business. We create a technical architecture that uses the best development practices to deliver the best business practices.

Thank You

If you’re bringing your website, web application, or mobile application from Foundry 72, Cogitools Software, or Software Masters, Inc., we want to extend a special thank you for your continued patronage. We’re looking forward to working with you in our new home.